Workplace search

One search to rule them all

Help employees access information faster with a scalable, universal search experience for your enterprise data. Use Elastic’s API, native connectors, or connector clients to sync searchable data and content from popular sources and productivity tools like Sharepoint, ServiceNow, MongoDB, Google Cloud, Google Drive, Salesforce, GitHub, Slack, and more. Create generative AI employee experiences too.

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Hear how Cisco transformed employee productivity and search with AI.

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Discover how to harness your organization’s data and take your enterprise search to the next level.

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Make search work for your team

No more jumping from app to app to perform multiple searches when looking for content. Build customizable employee search with semantic search, conversational question-answering, filtering and faceting, and typeahead suggestions to help teams find information fast. Flexible search APIs give your intranet and employee experience platforms a single source of truth.

Search Labs

Bootstrap your employee search app

Learn how to build the most innovative workplace search experiences by staying up-to-date with new research and examples on generative AI, vector search, machine learning.

Generative AI

Create next-gen experiences

Integrate Elastic with generative AI to build mobile, website portal, Slackbot integrations, and other employee experiences. Use your organization’s proprietary data and process documentation to personalize responses that precisely address employee needs, while maintaining document-level security and keeping costs low.


Connect all your sources, in the cloud and on‑prem

Whether you're connecting common tools, such as Microsoft 365 or Slack, or a completely custom data source, we have you covered.

  • Out-of-the-box connectors

    Out-of-the-box connectors that are available as managed native connectors on Elastic Cloud or self managed connector clients, are the quickest route for connecting all your favorite productivity, and collaboration tools and ingesting content.

  • Customized connector clients

    Have other sources of content you'd like to connect? Customized connector clients and APIs give you the flexibility to build a pipeline to critical data on‑prem.

  • Azure Blob Storage


  • Confluence Cloud & Server


  • Dropbox


  • GitHub & GitHub Enterprise Server


  • Google Cloud Storage


  • Google Drive


  • Jira Cloud & Server


  • Microsoft SQL


  • MongoDB


  • MySQL


  • Network drive


  • OneDrive


  • Oracle


  • PostgreSQL


  • S3


  • Salesforce


  • ServiceNow


  • SharePoint Online


  • Box

    Connector client

  • Customized connector

    Connector clients and frameworks

  • Gmail

    Connector client

  • Outlook

    Connector client

  • SharePoint Server

    Connector client

  • Slack

    Connector client

  • Teams

    Connector client

  • Zoom

    Connector client

Elastic Hallmarks

Speed, scale, relevance

Enjoy always fast, always relevant results, no matter how large your deployment grows.

  • Powered by Elasticsearch

    Search with the speed, scale, and relevance you'd expect from Elastic’s open tools.

  • Seriously scalable

    As you connect more data sources and fine-tune your result sets, your deployment scales with you.

  • Highly relevant

    Best-guess defaults for search and composable tools for relevance.The pretuned engine is optimized for relevant search right from the start, or create and fine-tune your own relevance settings.

Search Use Cases

So what exactly can I build?

Put the power of search to work for any of your internal teams, helping everyone find exactly what they’re looking for. Get unmatched flexibility to build precisely what your use case calls for, with plenty of out-of-the box tools to speed the process.

  • Intranet & Wiki
  • Generative AI
  • Sales portal
  • Knowledge base
  • Call center & help desk


Proven productivity gains…

Forrester Consulting's commissioned study of Elasticsearch concluded that customers save 24 hours per year per employee. Learn how your organization can improve its productivity and employee retention with Elastic.



Tailor search to your organization

No matter what industry you're in or what use case you're solving for, Elastic has extensible developer tools for building highly performant, scalable, and relevant workplace search AI apps to help achieve your business goals.

  • Tech giant, Cisco, is building the future of search today with natural language processing and semantic search. Learn how it’s achieved 73% faster response times for search queries and saving its support engineers 5,000 hours per month.

  • One of the world's leading law firms modernized their legal knowledge management platform with Elastic, making improvements in query response time, simplifying their architecture, and improving uptime.


Limitless search possibilities on a single platform

With Elastic, you get a slew of tools that help you build any search solution you can think of. Whether it's website search, customer support, or a unique use case with highly custom specifications, Elastic has the tools to help you create it.

  • Standalone and embeddable search apps

    Build custom search applications with real-time reporting for mobile apps, geo-location services, databases, and data lakes.

  • Ecommerce

    Turn browsers into buyers with search experiences that help them zero in on the products and services they need.

  • Customer support and knowledge bases

    Set up your customers for success with robust search that helps them find answers to their issues.

  • Websites

    Create search experiences that engage site visitors and help them track down whatever they're looking for.