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We protect thousands of customers' valuable data with a robust information security program.

  • Security

    Our dedicated security team and intentionally designed products and services help keep your information safe.

  • Privacy

    We’re committed to protecting the privacy of your data and helping our customers comply with global data protection laws and regulations.

  • Compliance

    We operate our products and services in compliance with industry-recognized information security standards and global regulations.

  • Status

    Elastic Cloud operates reliably at scale and empowers you to choose global hosting locations to help meet your data processing needs.

Compliance standards

Our services are independently audited and certified to meet industry-leading compliance and privacy standards.

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We're here to answer your security, privacy, compliance, and reliability questions.

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  • Report a security concern

    If you believe your account has been compromised or you need to report a security concern, contact security@elastic.co.

  • Submit a privacy request

    If you have a privacy concern or need to raise a privacy rights request, contact us by submitting this form.