Threat Hunting

Elastic Security for threat hunting

Initiate hunts with insights gleaned from advanced analytics. Leverage petabytes of data, enriched with threat intel. Uncover threats you expected — and others you didn’t.

Elastic Security interface for threat hunting with network security map and osquery host inspection

Validated by security experts

Security teams around the world perform proactive threat hunting with Elastic Security, including our very own in-house threat hunting group.

  • Customer spotlight

    A European police force stops attackers from sabotaging criminal investigations.

  • Customer spotlight

    The University of Oxford hunts for attackers armed with rich environmental context.

  • Customer spotlight

    Walmart leverages vast data sets to stop global syndicates from defrauding consumers.

Why Elastic for threat hunting?

Elastic offers the speed, valuable insights, and rich context required for effective threat hunting.

  • Years of forensic data

    Hunt through data by the petabyte to spot long-dormant threats. Search historical data for the IoCs of newly discovered exploits.

  • Valuable insights

    Spot anomalies with machine learning and curated visualizations. Identify outliers with anomaly detection and behavioral analytics.

  • Rich context

    Explore events to determine the origin, extent, and timeline of an attack. View threat intelligence, alert attribute prevalence, host risk, and other context.

Give hunters the edge

Elastic Security arms practitioners with the information they need to reveal advanced threats.

Uncover previously hidden threats

Elastic equips practitioners to track down hidden threats with curated visualizations and context. The solution integrates with a vast ecosystem of security and IT technologies, helping organizations eliminate blind spots and data silos.

Threat hunting with Network view in Elastic Security, showing cyber threats on global map and related context

Respond faster with rich context

Elastic helps hunters determine what merits scrutiny — and what to do about it. The solution surfaces rich context on the fly, arming analysts with the confidence to take rapid action. Threat hunters can query petabytes of logs in just seconds and quickly match fresh IoCs against years of historical data.

Analyzer view, showing process tree for infected host

Reduce dwell time & minimize damage

Waiting for frozen data to thaw wastes precious time. Elastic provides quick access to frozen data, enabling practitioners to dig into archives without a long wait.

Session View, revealing command line activity of hackers targeting Linux-based infrastructure

Fulfill your security use cases

Protect your organization with the Elastic Security platform.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Gain visibility across your attack surface. Collect and normalize data of any kind. Explore it with a snappy UI.

  • Automated Threat Protection

    Thwart complex attacks. Block ransomware and malware on every system. Advance SecOps maturity to stop threats at scale.

  • Investigation and Incident Response

    Empower practitioners within and beyond the SOC. Accelerate SecOps to foil attacks and boost resilience.

Do more with Elastic

Bring the speed, scale, relevance, and simplicity of Elastic to teams of all types.