Elastic customer stories of all shapes and sizes

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  • HSE increases customer satisfaction with Elasticsearch on AWS

  • Wells Fargo accelerates digital innovation to put customers first with Elastic Observability

  • Consensus upgrades academic research platform with advanced semantic search and AI tools from Elastic

  • MarketResearch.com uses Elastic to search millions of documents on its subscription platform Profound and provide customers with critical information about markets, competitors, and consumers

  • Ava's innovative live captioning software, powered by Elastic Observability makes work, school, and daily life accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing people

  • Porsche Informatik increases performance for end-customer-relevant applications with Elastic

  • AppOmni is minimizing operational risk with Elastic Observability's Universal Profiling

  • The Texas A&M University System protects students, emergency responders, and leading research institutions with Elastic Security

  • Fortune 100 financial services organization uses Elastic to protect members and employees from cyberthreats

  • Global 2000 multinational pharmaceutical corporation accelerates R&D, streamlines pharma industry compliance using Elastic

  • Mimecast deploys Elastic to defend its systems against sophisticated cyberattacks and reduce overheads by 50%

  • Network for Learning helps students and teachers stay safer and more secure online with Elastic ​Security