A serverless state of find

Elastic's serverless products are the easiest way to ramp up your capabilities in search, observability, and security. Do more with unprecedented scale, new interfaces that streamline work and ultra-fast search even on extensive historical data. Just bring your data and serverless does the rest!

Serve more with serverless

The easy route to find answers from all data.

  • Work smarter

    Purpose built serverless product experiences for search, security, and observability. Lightening-quick onboarding, integrated tools and new interfaces that simplify work.

  • Build more, manage less

    Hassle free operations so you can forget about managing clusters. It's the simplest way to unparalleled scalability and phenomenal search performance out of the box.

  • New serverless architecture

    Storage and compute are decoupled, index and search separated too — say bye bye to ILM and data tiering. Scale any workload automatically, efficiently and reliably.

  • Don't compromise on scale or speed

    Use object storage to grow without breaking the piggy bank. Store, share, and query more data, all without compromise to performance.


Serverless architecture

Learn how Elastic's new serverless architecture is built for the next decade of data.

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Serverless projects

Learn how to create, manage and run serverless projects.

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