Elastic Security

Modernize SecOps with Elastic Security

Protect, investigate, and respond to complex threats. Unify the capabilities of SIEM and security analytics, endpoint security, and cloud security.

  • Threat hunting

    Initiate hunts with ML insights

    Leverage petabytes of data, enriched with threat intel. Uncover expected and unexpected threats alike with machine learning and AI.

  • Investigation and incident response

    Empower practitioners within and beyond the SOC

    Expose unfolding attacks with fast access to years of data, nimble piped queries, and end-to-end collaboration features. Respond rapidly with guidance and automation.

Unify security on an open security solution

  • Modernize SecOps by unifying SIEM, endpoint, and cloud security

  • Automate threat protection, powered by AI and machine learning

  • Manage data at scale with cost-efficient storage and analytics

  • Reduce risk and MTTR with insight-driven workflows

Frequently asked questions

What is the Elastic Security solution?

The Elastic Security solution helps teams protect, investigate, and respond to threats before damage is done. On an open platform built for the hybrid cloud — and fueled by advanced analytics with years of data from across your attack surface — it eliminates data silos, automates prevention and detection, and streamlines investigation and response. Learn how the Elastic Security solution can modernize SecOps at your organization.

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