Three solutions.
One powerful platform.


  • Observability

    Converge metrics, logs, traces, and more to deliver unified visibility and actionable insights.

  • Security

    Unify the capabilities of SIEM, endpoint security, and cloud security to help reduce risk and cost.

  • Build powerful AI and machine learning-enabled search applications for your customers and employees.

The Elasticsearch Platform

The Elasticsearch Platform (a.k.a. the ELK Stack) enables enterprises to accelerate business outcomes by combining the power of search and AI.

  • Ingest

    Ingest anything. Use hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations. The Elasticsearch Platform takes you from zero to insights in no time.

  • Secure and scalable storage

    Securely store and quickly access all of your data — from megabytes to petabytes — without breaking the bank.

  • AI / ML

    Surface relevant results from structured and unstructured data in real time with native support for supervised and unsupervised machine learning and more.

  • From keyword search to vector search (and more), Elasticsearch — the world’s most downloaded search engine — makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Visualization

    Explore your data, spot trends and anomalies, find insights, and share results with Elastic’s fully integrated data visualization user interface.

  • Workflow automation

    Configure rules and take automated actions on alerts, anomalies, and insights with a growing list of integrated services that can help you streamline workflows.

Why choose the Elasticsearch Platform?

  • Comprehensive capabilities

    Explore enterprise solution workflows and integrations paired with the comprehensive data lifecycle coverage of a data analytics platform.

  • Flexible architecture

    Run our solutions and platform however you like — in any environment, in virtually any geolocation*, with any type of data, and with your existing tools.

  • Speed, scale, and relevance

    Harness the power of search and AI to find the right answers that matter from petabytes of data in milliseconds.

Bring your use case to your data

  • Download and run the Elasticsearch Platform wherever you like — from edge devices and air-gapped environments to your own private cloud.

  • Deploy on our hosted offering — available in more than 50 regions across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Learn how to achieve your business goals with Elastic