Cyber investigation and Response

Elastic Security for investigation and incident response

Empower practitioners and collaborate beyond the SOC. Accelerate investigation and response to foil unfolding attacks. Continually improve efficiency to enhance cyber resilience.

Elastic Security UI for investigating and responding to cyber attack, including case management, investigation guide, and analyzer view

Validated by security experts

Security teams around the world investigate and respond to cyber threats with Elastic Security.

  • Customer spotlight

    ECI responds to external attacks and insider threats with Elastic.

  • Customer spotlight

    OmniSOC protects five university systems from advanced threats with Elastic.

  • Customer spotlight

    PSCU investigators reduced dwell time by 99% with Elastic.

Why Elastic for cyber investigation and incident response?

Maximize the power of your personnel with fast access to years of data, nimble workflows, and end-to-end collaboration capabilities.

  • Unrivaled data access

    Eliminate the top obstacle to practitioner productivity: a platform that can’t keep up. With Elastic Security, arm analysts to respond rapidly by exploring data quickly and at scale.

  • Insight-driven workflows

    Connect insights on a unified timeline. View embedded threat intelligence and other context. Streamline processes with case management and powerful workflow integrations.

  • Security & Ops, united

    Collaborate with DevOps and other teams to jointly address security and operational issues. Tap into metrics, APM traces, and other data — without switching screens.

Accelerate cyber investigation and incident response

Tighten investigation and response times to neutralize threats before damage is done.

Get immediate answers

Incident investigation and response is a sprint…and a marathon. Outpace adversaries — through each investigation — by eliminating the cognitive load caused by scattered data and prolonged query times.

Tap into years of archives

Unleash analyst productivity with a security platform built for massive scale. Wield years of actionable archives retained in fully searchable, low-cost object stores to confidently determine incident root-cause and scope. Ensure comprehensive remediation by drilling down and pivoting anywhere the investigation takes you.

Alerts view in Elastic Security

Standardize key processes

Triage, investigate, and respond to alerts with investigation guides outlining why an alert fired, how to determine whether it represents a true threat, and which steps to take next. With expert advice from Elastic Security Labs researchers, our built-in playbooks lower the learning curve for junior analysts and augment the knowledge of seasoned practitioners.

Cyber investigation guide for prebuilt detection rule

Follow your instincts

Discover connections between disparate data points on a unified investigation timeline. Scrutinize individual users and hosts, and examine a terminal-like view of the services running on key systems. Easily access internal and external context, including threat intelligence, host anomaly score, alert attribute counts, and more.

Cloud workload protection on Linux systems with Session View in Elastic Security

Remediate rapidly

Perform remediation across the entire enterprise using collected data and the power to invoke automated actions across distributed endpoints. Coordinate efforts with built-in case management. Collaborate across teams leveraging integrations with external security and ticketing workflow tools.

Alert detail sidebar overview and turnkey host response actions

Fulfill your security use cases

Protect your organization with the Elastic Security platform.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Gain visibility across your attack surface. Collect and normalize data of any kind. Explore it with a snappy UI.

  • Automated Threat Protection

    Thwart complex attacks. Block ransomware and malware on every system. Advance SecOps maturity to stop threats at scale.

  • Threat Hunting

    Initiate hunts with ML insights. Leverage petabytes of enriched data. Uncover threats you expected — and others you didn’t.

Do more with Elastic

Bring the speed, scale, relevance, and simplicity of Elastic to teams of all types.