Infrastructure Monitoring

Comprehensive and modern infrastructure monitoring

Seamlessly monitor your infrastructure with support for 200+ integrations, including cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Efficiently store logs and metrics at high cardinality for faster troubleshooting with intuitive visualization and quick analysis supported by out of box machine learning and preconfigured dashboards.

Everything you need to get started with metrics using Elastic Cloud.

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Ready to get started on your observability journey? Learn the basics of using the Elastic Stack for infrastructure and system metrics.

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Learn how to bring enterprise-grade observability and security to your Prometheus metrics.

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Simplify infrastructure monitoring at scale

Unified Elastic Agent with centralized management (Fleet) simplifies the collection and management of logs, metrics, and all other monitoring data. Deploy agents, update agent configurations, and add integrations for new data sources with a single click.


Unparalleled visibility into all your infrastructure performance

Built on powerful Elasticsearch, stream in and scale infrastructure metrics from your systems, cloud, network, and other infrastructure sources like AWS, Azure, GCP, Kafka, and NGINX through native Elastic integrations or common data shippers like Fluentd. Unify your infrastructure metrics from Prometheus with your logs, traces and end user monitoring data for complete end-to-end visibility.


Pinpoint full-stack problems with advanced visualizations

Get logical and physical views of your infrastructure topology. Analyze current and historical performance trends for each infrastructure component with logs, processes, application performance, anomalies and metadata in context.


Find the 'unknown unknowns'

Use unlimited dimensionality and cardinality to explore all monitoring data in Elastic’s powerful search platform for faster troubleshooting. Quickly explore attributes by host name, IP address, and tags. Customize your results and visualizations any way you like to help you investigate performance issues.


Break down application and infrastructure silos for faster root cause detection

Enrich log entries with metadata that allows you to explore issues based on context. Identify meaningful trends in infrastructure data and correlate to other sources, such as logs and traces. Drive collaboration and increase team efficiency by accelerating time to problem resolution.


Infrastructure monitoring is just one way to observe your applications

Monitor your applications, your logs, and your users all within a single solution - Elastic Observability.

  • Application performance monitoring

    Accelerate development and improve your application code.

  • Log monitoring

    Deploy and manage logs at scale.

  • Real user monitoring

    Measure and track end users to optimize your applications.

  • Synthetic monitoring

    Test user journeys to deliver a great customer experience.