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Scalable insights for your industry

Real-world problems require tailored solutions. That’s why Elastic enables organizations of all sizes and industries to search, visualize, and enrich their data to drive results that matter.

Built for unique outcomes

Enabling your version of transformation

Elastic works closely with practitioners, domain experts, and governing regulatory boards across verticals to meet the priorities of our community. We build with our customers’ specific industry needs in mind — while giving you the flexibility to innovate.

  • Financial Services

    Create more personalized, secure customer journeys with data while empowering your teams to innovate faster and outmaneuver the competition.

  • Public Sector

    Find and share insights faster, monitor infrastructure for anomalies, and protect highly targeted systems and data.

  • Telecommunications

    Collect, process, and analyze petabytes of data across every telecom silo. Accelerate revenue and drive customer centricity, while protecting your networks and customers.

  • Retail

    Drive brand loyalty through the power of search. Create unique customer experiences that drive revenue and maximize the omnichannel experience.

  • Manufacturing and Automotive

    Gain complete visibility, from supply chains to plant operations to finished products. Connect teams with better search and deliver secure and trustworthy experiences.

  • Healthcare

    Connect healthcare professionals with the insights they need to improve patient care, make new medical discoveries, and protect highly regulated ecosystems and data.

  • Technology

    Embed search in any application, build personalized results based on user classification, and recommend the next best content.

  • Media and Entertainment

    Elastic helps media companies leverage audience, content, and viewing behavior data to build better, more personalized experiences.

Customer case studies

The Elastic Search Platform enables industry leaders to create best-in-class search experiences and observe and protect their environments.

  • Customer spotlight

    Cutting costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Reduced MTTR by 10x.

  • Customer spotlight

    Improving customer search for bank teams. Achieved $2.5M in cost savings while reducing mainframe read time by 80%.

  • Customer spotlight

    Leveraged Elastic to scale its research mission, while powering insights to drive $2 million in savings.

  • Customer spotlight

    Ensuring customers find the right tool for the job.

Ten times faster at a fraction of the cost

Learn how companies like yours have achieved 358% ROI and $19M+ in business benefits with Elastic.