Automated Threat Protection

Elastic Security for automated threat protection

Thwart complex attacks with machine learning and behavior analytics. Block ransomware and malware from any infrastructure. Advance SecOps maturity to stop threats at scale.

Elastic Security alerting UI, with detection rules and machine learning jobs for automated protection

Validated by security experts

Security teams worldwide automate threat protection with Elastic Security.

  • Customer spotlight

    Oak Ridge National Labs safeguards some of the world’s fastest computers with Elastic machine learning.

  • Customer spotlight

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    Using detection rules aligned with MITRE ATT&CK®, Elastic secures a major university.

  • Customer spotlight

    Martin's Point Health Care protects hosts with unified endpoint security from Elastic.

Why Elastic for automated threat protection?

Reduce risk by protecting your full environment in real time.

  • Augment your team

    Implement protections built by Elastic Security researchers and community contributors. Align coverage with MITRE ATT&CK to enhance your security posture in a sensible way.

  • Protect in depth

    Disrupt attacks with layered prevention and detection. Find anomalies and threats with centralized analytics and alerting. Secure infrastructure with Elastic Agent.

  • Secure every system

    Protect hosts and containers from ransomware, advanced threats, and more. Collect broadly to enable cross-telemetry detection and take immediate action.

Foil attacks with automated threat protection

Prevent and detect cloud-based or on-premise threats with centralized and agent-based protections aligned with MITRE ATT&CK.

Prevent, detect, and respond with a single agent

Prevent and detect threats with Elastic Agent, harnessing the specialized expertise of Elastic Security Labs. Disrupt complex attacks with malicious behavior protection — pairing advanced analytics and tailored response actions. Automatically erase attack artifacts from infected systems. Block fast-evolving ransomware and malware.

The unified host protection features of Elastic Agent in Elastic Security

Uncover hidden threats with advanced security analytics

Spot suspicious behavior with machine learning across diverse data sources. Expose adversarial activity often missed by traditional detection methods, including malicious insiders and advanced persistent threats. Apply turnkey machine learning jobs to advance protection rapidly.

Prebuilt detection rules powering automated alerting in Elastic Security

Detect known threats with alerting

Reveal threats early in the attack lifecycle (before damage is done) with rules honed and shared by Elastic threat researchers and community members. Automatically enrich and corroborate alerts to prioritize the most critical attacks. Leverage threat intelligence for further fidelity.

Elastic Security alerting overview and alerts status

Fulfill your security use cases

Protect your organization with the Elastic Security platform.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Gain visibility across your attack surface. Collect and normalize data of any kind. Explore it with a snappy UI.

  • Investigation and Incident Response

    Empower practitioners within and beyond the SOC. Accelerate SecOps to foil attacks and boost resilience.

  • Threat Hunting

    Initiate hunts with ML insights. Leverage petabytes enriched of data. Uncover threats you expected — and others you didn't.

Do more with Elastic

Bring the speed, scale, relevance, and simplicity of Elastic to teams of all types.